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Constructed out of the desire for practical, yet effective methods to produce perfect photos, The Perfect Shot will be your guide to flawless natural light photography.

By giving you simple techniques and clear instruction, you will finally be able to crack the code and master any light situation in any environment to create the perfect shot, every time.


…you struggle with your camera settings in certain light conditions.

…you haven’t quite figured out how to make natural light work for you.

…you know you have the potential of being a great photographer, but you just aren’t there yet.

…you are dying to create consistent photographs that represent a true style.

…you are ready to make perfect photographs straight from the camera that don’t require hours of editing.

If you can relate to any of the struggles above, then you need this!!!



Clear-cut camera instruction – Get a better handle on your camera settings and learn how it all fits together to create flawless imagery.

Indoor lighting techniques – Walk through the various indoor lighting conditions and master the ways to make the light work for you to be a more consistent shooter.

Back lighting – A beast all on it’s own. Learn how to finally make back lighting work for you!

Full Sun – Stop being afraid of the sun and learn how to conquer this harsh lighting condition to make your photographs most pleasing.

Shade – Discover the ins and outs of shooting during this abundant, yet tricky lighting situation and start creating beautiful works of art.

Golden Hour – Get a firm grasp of this most coveted light in photography and start creating beautifully glowing photos in no time.


“After becoming overwhelmed with how-to’s concerning digital photography which were filled to the brim with complex explaining, hardly any physical examples, and lingo which made me feel like photography just wasn’t for me, I stopped reading guides and did a lot of guess work –for years.

Heather saw that void and filled it– and then some.

The Perfect Shot is chock full of Heather’s stunning photography, which she artfully utilizes to illustrate the stumbling blocks new photographers often find themselves frustrated with.

 Broken up into easy to read, bite sized lessons, beginners can quickly find the the kind of sun-soaked style they desire for their own photographs, and having acquired the knowledge Heather gives us, adjust for lovely images; which will set their photographs apart from the ocean of newbie photographers.  The golden nuggets of information contained in Lesson One alone gave me some ah-ha lightbulb moments that, even as an experienced photographer, I realize I have often forgotten.


The Perfect Shot will, in my opinion, cut down the learning curve from my laborious years of tinkering and guess work, to something much shorter for everyone else who reads it. I’m jealous of the beginner who opens this book, and discovers so many “so that’s how it’s done!” revelations, thanks to Heather’s clear cut instruction.

This book will quickly become a go-to guide for anyone wishing to blend the many elements of digital photography together into The Perfect Shot.” – Carolyn Svellinger,


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