Why outsourcing can save you money, and your sanity!

why should photographers outsource

When you hear the term outsourcing, you might think of it as handing off all your important work to someone else to finish, but realizing it's true power can make your business even more successful!

Think of outsourcing as a way to take work off your hands that isn't necessarily your strongest skill, or perhaps not even a skill of yours at all. Outsourcing is a way for an expert to get that work done more efficiently and in less time so that you can focus on things that you are skilled at doing. Note: Affiliate links are included in this post There are many ways you can outsource your  jobs in your photography business, but let's start with these 6 basic jobs:

1. Your website

Unless you are skilled at building and maintaining websites, tackling this job on your own without any kind of prior knowledge can be the headache of all headaches. Whether you decide to have someone custom design a website for you, or if you choose a money-saving theme, you will certainly be saving yourself enormous amounts of time trying to figure things out on your own (and perhaps a few punches to the wall too). photoform Investing in a responsive website theme like the one pictured above, it's simple and easy to build the website of your dreams!

2. Marketing Materials

Marketing materials, like promotional flyers, will set the tone of your business appeal. If you lack design skills and attempt to create your own, you could be missing out on new leads because your designs aren't attracting the right people. Not only will you save astronomical amounts of time by purchasing a pre-made template, you will be trading your time for very skilled designs, which is priceless in any business. paperlark template This magazine from Paperlark designs is one of the many ways you can outsource and save time by purchasing pre-made templates!

3. Templates

Just like marketing materials, trading your time to invest in workflow templates can be invaluable. For example, trying to design your own custom made photo album can be rewarding, but if you are not experienced in doing so, it can take you more time than it's worth. Spending a little money will actually save you a lot of money in the long run. lightroom-photo-album-templateThese album templates will not only save you tons of times by not having to design pages on your own, but also by using them in Lightroom which will speed up the process even more!

4. Printing

I'm not just talking about outsourcing your photo printing, but also outsourcing your marketing materials for print. Instead of haggling your own printer to print your own flyers and print releases, taking the extra step and having someone else handle this important task will save you even more time and it will certainly save you a lot of frustration. two blooms photo packaging By ordering my own packaging materials, I was able to save countless hours that would have been spent on printing, cutting, and folding that now takes less than 2 minutes to put a client package together.

5. Editing

If you find that it's taking you longer than it should to edit your photos, then you might want to look into outsourcing your editing. Just because you are a skilled photographer doesn't mean you need to be a skilled editer and having someone else take that load could transform your images into something you deserve! But if you still don't wish to outsource your most precious job, learning to use Lightroom will save you time and it will help you produce beautiful photos you yearn for. the whole bunch lightroom preset bundle Learning to use Lightroom along with implementing presets and other tools is an outsourcing option that will save you loads of money in the long run!

6. Book keeping

The best & most important has been saved for last. If you have no background in taxes or finances, then outsourcing your book keeping and tax filing to a tax professional is the most critical for you. A CPA will not only save you time when filing your taxes, they will know what credits and breaks you qualify for, which could lead to you saving more money than if you were to attempt to tackle taxes on your own. two blooms lightroom presets financial spreadsheets for photographers spreadsheet computer If you aren't ready to outsource your book keeping just yet, you can stay super organized with these financial spreadsheets designed especially  for photographers!

Outsourcing can seem overwhelming at first, but if you can really grasp that this will only improve your business, then you will on your way to success!

Tell me, what do you outsource in your business? If you don't yet, what's holding you back? Let's chat it up in the comments below!

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