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When it comes to marketing your photography business, there's no better way to get your message across than your website. But, are you including the right things on your site???

Having your website properly set-up with the right content for your audience can be the difference in how many leads turn into paying clients - which is what your website should be doing! So what should you include in your photography website to make it a money-making marketing machine (say that 3 times fast!)???? Let's take a look!

About Page

Did you know that your about page is the MOST IMPORTANT page on your website? This is where new prospects and guests come to first upon visiting your site. Sure, the pretty pictures is what you are trying to sell, but a new client is looking for more than just that - they are looking to hire YOU. So before you do anything else, make sure you have an about page on your site & a memorable one at that. I have found that writing an about page can be trying and difficult for most people, so I encourage you to read these posts if you feel stuck:

Eight exclusive tips on creating an incredibly effective “About Me” page for your blog or website

How to Write Your About Me Page

Session Information

Another key page on your website should be all about having a session with you. This could include information about pricing, the experience, or what to expect from you - the more information you can give people right off the bat, the more likely you are to weed out the people who are not your ideal clients. If you don't want to include your pricing on your website, make sure your audience knows exactly how to get this information from you - either a call-to-action on how to get in touch with you or provide a downloadable pricing guide on your site in which they can obtain that information from instantly.  


Probably the most obvious page on your site should be a gallery page or pages. This is a place where you can proudly display your best work that you want your visitors to see. Make sure you categorize your galleries for optimal organization, but don't go crazy and paralyze your audience! Keeping the galleries to a minimum is best if you want to actively engage your visitors, too many galleries could be distracting and overwhelming, which could lead people out the door. Most photography themed websites come equipped with gallery options but if you are in need of a super snazzy and shareable gallery set-up, check out this plugin for Wordpress. I currently use this gallery for my photography site & love the clean and responsive layout, not to mention all the options it provide me with! shareprints gallery


Not only will you want to put up your very best work on your website, but it's also a great idea to update your site on a regular basis through your blog. Not only is blogging great for SEO and getting higher search engine ranks, but it can also be used as a tool to show off your most recent photo sessions. Blogging can also be your biggest marketing asset by giving your guests an easy and fun way to get to know you by engaging with your new content! Need a little help with the blogging side of your business? Check out this totally FREE 14 day challenge to help you get started! 14 day blog challenge

Contact Page

Now that you've given your potential client all the information they need in order to hire you, they need to have a way to get in touch with you. Creating a contact page that is easy to navigate to on your site is crucial for turning participants into leads - make it really simple to get in touch with you! Displaying your contact information along with a built-in contact form will give your new lead several options on how to get in touch with you, making the initial contact even easier for them.  

Email sign-up

If you have a newsletter, you NEED a sign-up form on your site. This will give you a way to stay in touch with potential clients and market to them directly ANYTIME you want to. If you don't have a newsletter for your business, what's the deal? You can sign up for a FREE account on Mailchimp and start sending emails out today - you really have no excuse on this one. Helpful sign-up tip: If you really want to start email marketing and get people signed up for your list, make it enticing for them to sign-up in the first place by offering a free product or a discount off their first session.  


You can have the most beautiful-looking website on the block, but if you aren't including any call-to-actions, then your site is just going to waste. If you aren't telling people exactly what to do next, then they won't. People need direction. For example: at the end of your blog posts, add an opt-in-box for your newsletter sign-up or just straight up tell them to get in touch with you today to book a session (don't forget to include a link to your contact page). Make your call-to-actions as seamlessly as possible to get conversions and to avoid any kind of confusion. call-to-action-social-media1  

Do you have all of these pages set-up on your photography website? If not, what do you need to improve to make it a marketing machine? Comment below & join in on the discussion!

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  • Thanks for the tips! I need to figure out how to get that opt in sign up form on the website!

  • Thanks for the feedback!

    Heather Ford
  • Great article, good advices.


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