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Using Instagram for your photography business

Using Instagram for your photography business

With all the social media platforms available today, there is one that you as a photographer NEED to be using more for your business.

Instagram, being a dominantly visual social media platform that is saturated with captivating imagery, is the perfect tool to reach new heights in your photography business & to be found by local and worldwide followers!

Want to know how to make the most of your Instgram experience as a photographer? Read on!

1. Complete your profile

Make sure that you fill out your profile in a way to portray your business that will entice others to follow you, but also keeping it short and professional. If you are wanting others to find your photography, make sure you have your account profile set to public. Otherwise, all your hard work won't be seen by new people! Leaving this incomplete could mean the difference in a new follower, so don't take this step lightly!

2. Share your best

To make the most out of your sharing experience, only post your best images to create a stunning grid (the term that's used for the photos that fill up your Instagram account). By sharing only your best and most valuable photos, others will be more likely to follow you because they know what they can expect to see from you. share your best on instagram

3. Use hashtags & Geotags!

If you want to be found by locals, using a relevant hashtag is key to getting your photos put in the right place for potential clients and followers to see. Not sure which hastags to use? You can look up thousands of hashtags on Instagram for your use! Don't forget to create your very own branded hashtags to use on all your photography posts to keep them in one place. hashtags on instagram Note: Choosing hastags that are very broad like #photographer or are too detailed such as #cincinnatifamilyandbabyphotographer won't get your photos seen by as many people. Check out this post for a further explanation on using hashtags for Instagram.

4. Get personal

Instagram is a great way for you to display a little bit of your personality and what sets you apart from the crowd. Using it for your photography business will create a gateway for your fans to get a glimpse of you and your business behind the scenes & to get to know you on a more personal level. If your fans feel like they have a connection with you because of what you post, you will gain more authentic followers over time. behind the scenes

5. Give back

Your Instagram experience should never be one-sided. One of the easiest ways to gain your followers' trust is to socialize with them not only on your content, but on theirs as well. If you mind your manners on Instagram, more people will be apt to follow & comment on your work. The door really does swing both ways!

6. Run a contest or giveaway

If you are wanting to get your name out a bit quicker, nothing beats running an Instagram contest or giveaway. Make the most out of your contest by having your followers take certain steps (but not too many as this could be a turn off)  to enter. Creating an exclusive hashtag for your contest is also a great idea to keep your contest entries in one specified location and easy to look up, plus it creates brand recognition! instagram giveaway

With a little bit of thought and effort, you can quickly create a buzz-worthy Instagram account for your photography business!

Come & connect with me on Instagram, I am looking forward to seeing what you are putting out there!

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