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Using brushes to edit in Lightroom


Have you ever gone to edit a photo in Lightroom using your same ol' routine, only to discover that it's just not a right fit???

When your routine workflow is disrupted, it can feel a little unfamiliar, but it doesn't have to be! It doesn't always take a lot to make a photo look great, it just takes knowing which tools to use and when to use them. In this new video, I am going to show you how you can make your photos standout and look polished just by using brushes and a few hand edits!



Watch now or keep scrolling to see the written version.

Choose your brush settings

If all you need is a little brush enhancing, sift through your brush tool settings to find the perfect match for the part of the photo you want to edit.
step 1
In this case, I wanted to enhance the red on the brick, so I changed the brush settings (exposure, color, shadows, saturation) to give me the look I was seeking.

Erase any unwanted brush strokes

step 3
An easy way to see if you've brushed over an area that you'd rather not be touched is to choose "show selected mask overly" box under the photo while you still have your brush tool open. This will help you see where you've applied your brush to and perhaps parts that you missed.

Erase off any unwanted areas

Once you've determined which areas are better left untouched, now you can erase certain areas of your brush (in this case his head and shirt).


At the bottom of your brush tool menu, you'll see an erase option. Choose that and simply brush over the parts that you want to erase - easy as pie!

Add the finishing touches

You can keep adding various brushes to the photo to make it stand out more, or you could simply put the finishing touches on it with the basic panel. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of color, saturation, and contrast to really help your photo pop!
final step

Editing with brushes can be helpful in any type of editing situation - how will you use brushes to enhance your editing steps???

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  • The video above was great but was curious…hiw do you change the color of the brush? You mentioned you made your own preset for the video.

    Barb Lay

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