The one thing that will make or break your business

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Last week I was casually browsing through various photography pages on Facebook when I stumbled across a photographer that I had never heard of before.

I was in awe of this photographer's extreme talent and impressionable portfolio. Her use of color, light, and atmosphere was breathtaking & inspiring! While I was scrolling through her feed to check out her latest work, I noticed the "posts to page" section and something caught my eye immediately. I noticed that someone had reached out to her on Facebook to let her know that she was interested in a session and emailed her awhile back but heard nothing in reply. The photographer, a week later, replied to her comment that she didn't see an email from her and to send her another. This photographer showed no embarrassment, no remorse, and didn't offer the slightest apology.

I was stunned from what I was reading.

The potential client then replies (about a week later) that she still hasn't heard anything back from her. Again. What do you think happened next?

You're right, NOTHING. The photographer never responded.

Now, you might be thinking that this said potential client could have picked up the phone and tried to contact the photographer that way, but the fact that the photographer made absolutely no effort in cultivating a potential lead rubbed me the wrong way.

If you were in this woman's shoes, how would it make you feel?

For me, I know I would be turned off completely and it would definitely never lead me to work with this photographer of send them a referral or two. As a businesswoman myself, this spoke volumes of this photographer's integrity, despite her apparent talent.

And this leads me to the one thing that will make or break your business: CUSTOMER SERVICE.

You can have the greatest talent in the world, but if your people and business skills are lacking, your success might run short or even dry up completely faster than you think. As artists and business owners, we are viewed by the public as a service which means we are called to serve others. We need to put all of our best efforts into serving those around us to better our image and to make a lasting positive impression on our business. Happy young family watching the sunset at the beach. Happy Fami [bctt tweet="Talent should never outrank integrity."] At the end of the day, the only thing that we can control is how we act & react in our lives and our business. Do you want to be known for the photographer who always went out of their way to please the customer, or the one who is talent beyond measure but has a seemingly arrogant business demeanor?

In what ways do you serve your clients to make a lasting impression? Share below & join the discussion!

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