The best photo editing tips for beginners

When you're new to the realm of editing photos, it can seem like a daunting task.

Where to start, what to do, and which editing program to use are all valid concerns and questions when you first jump into photo editing.

It can certainly be overwhelming to learn all these things - and you might even feel the need to learn them all at once, but that couldn't be farther from the truth.

As a beginner, it's best to start as a beginner and work your way up from there.

There can be a lot to learn when it comes to photo editing, so let's start with the basics, shall we?

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Choose your weapon

First things first, you need to decide which photo editing program to work with.

There are a myriad of options available, with some being more powerful than others, so it's important to know what your editing goals are overall before you start.

Typically, I like to recommend Lightroom Classic to any aspiring photographer wishing to learn photo editing and potentially building from there.

It's not only a powerful editing program, but it's a great program to reference your photos so you can organize them neatly and efficiently on your computer. It's simple enough to learn the basics, but there's enough tools that it's equipped with to build on your editing skills over time.

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Whatever you decide, it's best to try to learn the basics of that software before trying anything with photo editing.

Not taking the time to learn could mean ruined photos or filing systems on your computer.

 photo editing tips for beginners

Take time to learn the basics

When it comes to photo editing, the first place you need to get right from the get-go are the photo basics.

These include exposure and white balance.

Typically, these need to be achieved in camera. However, sometimes a little manipulation needs to be done in your editing to make them perfect!

That's why it's essential to know how to shoot in manual mode and with the proper light settings. Check out this e-book all about natural light so you can start editing better & faster.

Lightroom tutorial: How to correct white balance

When you can nail these two aspects of photo editing, you'll be on your way to better photos in no time!

 photo editing tips for beginners

Discover your editing style

You won't be able to edit your photos the way you envision without knowing your desired outcome.

Do you prefer dark and moody images? Bright and airy? Perhaps bold and colorful?

Knowing what you want your photos to look like will help you tremendously when you you sit down to edit. Instead of wasting hours trying different looks, you'll already know where to start.

Take a look at our complete line of Lightroom presets to choose your top style and start editing more beautifully now!

 photo editing tips for beginners

Take it slow

Don't try to tackle it all at once - that will only lead to overwhelm and eventual burnout.

Instead, try focusing on learning one new editing skill per week.

Once you have practiced enough with that one new thing, you can slowly start to learn more skills to add to your editing arsenal.

In no-time, you'll have enough experience with all your new editing skills and it will become easier even faster than you thought!

And if you're needing a little more hand-holding when it comes to learning, or you just don't know where to start, consider enrolling in my online Lightroom editing course to help you learn it all faster than ever!

 photo editing tips for beginners

Less is more

Editing photos is exciting, fun, and such a creative outlet being a photographer. But, you don't need to sacrifice a good image for the sake of being overly creative.

Less is more in terms of editing, so in other words, don't overdo it.

It might seem fun to keep tweaking and changing things to your photos, but the more that you do, the greater chance of it not having a professional and polished look.

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 Instead, opt for less and you'll have a stronger image in the end!


Use presets to help

Using filters and presets can be a topic of extreme debate in the photography world, but it truly doesn't have to be!

Some might find that presets only create a crutch when it comes to editing, but I believe that they can be used to help you find your style & learn about editing even better!

Plus, using presets really helps bring your photos to life even faster - so they are a great tool if you don't want to be editing your photos for hours on end.

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