Sizing photos for Facebook in Lightroom

re-sizing photos for Facebook in Lightroom

The BIGGEST question I get asked by photographers on a regular basis is about sizing photos for Facebook.

I'm sure you've questioned this before (or many times over) as a result of having your beautiful photos being completely butchered by the uploading process. While there is no sure fire way of avoiding the compression to your photos when uploading to Facebook, there are a few things you can do to limit this in order to show off better photos on your Facebook profile or business page.

Take a look at this quick video & learn how to properly re-size your photos for Facebook in Lightroom!

Now that you know how to optimally re-size your photos for Facebook, I believe you will be much more pleased with the final result.

Have you been uploading photos to Facebook using these specifications? Leave a comment below & join the discussion.

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