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Photographers: How to survive busy season without going insane

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Ahhh, the fall. The most coveted season by many families as far as photos go, making it easily the busiest time of year for us photographers.

With summer coming to an end and fall on the horizon, some of you might find it to be "tax season for photographers" in your near future which can also mean you'll be on the brink of insanity in a moment's notice. Although there's no way to avoid the extra busy season, there are plenty of ways to reduce the stress, keep your focus, and make it to the finish line before throwing in the towel.

Ready to punch fall in the face? Here's 5 ways you can stay sane (as a photographer at least) this busy season:


1. Start Organized

The best thing you can do for yourself before the busy season begins is to start off organized. Having your paperwork, contracts, spreadsheets, invoices, email prompts, etc. up to date and ready for action will allow for a seamless and fool-proof work system. Instead of scattering at the last minute to get these items ready, being prepared before you start booking fall sessions will get you off to a great start. Want an easy way to keep track of your clients? Download this FREE client info spreadsheet now so you can keep your client info right at your fingertips! Female Hands Typing.

2. Block out important dates

Nothing is worse than fumbling through busy season and realizing that you booked a session (or sessions) on the same day as a special occasion. Before you start booking fall clients, take some time to block out certain dates and times for important occasions or family days. If it's written down, you'll be less likely to overbook on days that you need a day off.  

3. Don't overbook

Easier said than done, right? With all the inquires you are preparing for, don't forget to give yourself a little time off between work. This will not only help you stay sane, but it will allow for openings in your schedule for re-shoots due to illness or weather.  

4. Don't bite off more than you can chew

This goes hand in hand with the over-booking that is critical for sanity-saving purposes. Make sure you allow yourself time to breathe and take care of your clients in the best way possible. Being too busy for not only yourself, but your clients as well, is no way to run a legitimate photography business. If you are finding that you are getting more inquiries than you can handle, perhaps an immediate price increase should be taken into consideration. Either that or turn away new clients, it's a decision that must be faced!  

5. Develop an editing workflow & stick to it

Above all, not being strapped down to your computer editing all autumn is where you can truly knock busy season out of the park. By developing en effective workflow you can follow for each session you edit, you'll be able to cut down your editing time and work more efficiently. I do this all in Lightroom by using presets and applying the same workflow over and over again. With Lightroom being workflow oriented, I personally can sit down and have a session edited from start to finish in an hour or less - leaving me with a lot of extra time to devote to my insanely busy calendar and my family.

Want to learn how it's done????

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By developing a beginning to end workflow strategy that works for you & your business (and perhaps a few pounds of coffee per day), you'll be more than ready to pound out those crazy extra sessions this fall without driving yourself to the looney bin before it's over!

How do you plan on surviving this year's busy season? Share your awesome tips with us in the comments below!

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