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You might know by now that your photography Facebook page isn't getting the same amount of attention as it used to get.

Or if you just now hopped on board the Facebook wagon for business, you might not be thrilled with your experience as far as marketing goes. Even with the decline of reach you might be experiencing with your fans & Facebook urging you to promote your posts with their advertising, there are simple ways to boost your exposure without dropping a dime.

1. Figure out when your audience is on Facebook

The first step to making sure you posts are sure to get the most views and engagement, you will need to find out when the majority of your fans are around. This can be found under the insights of your business page. Below is an example of when my Facebook fans are on Facebook, resulting in the most accurate time of day of when I should be posting my content on Facebook - which happens to be around 9pm. facebook fans According to this graph, the worst time of day that I could be posting would be anywhere between midnight and 8am.

2.  Engage your audience

No, I don't mean go out and buy them a ring and drop down on one knee. What I mean by engage is this: interact with them to make them feel like they are the star of the show. People come to  Facebook for social interaction and that's what you've got to give them, otherwise, your content will simply be looked over and ignored. The easiest way to interact with your audience is to ask them questions. Have them help you figure out a problem or let them in on making a decision with you. For example, you can share with them your business card design ideas and ask them to help you choose to print. Or post a side by side comparison of an image edited in color & black and white and ask which they prefer. Keeping your audience engaged will help you reach more people with little effort - and the more someone interacts with your content, the more your business will show up in their feed!

3. Keep your posts about them

In this day and age, people want their social media experience to be about them and how they can relate with you. Posting content about you all the time will only drive people away and cause them to start ignoring your posts. When posting photos to your page, tell a short story about your client and keep the content about them - everyone likes to have the limelight every once in awhile, especially when they have invested in photography.

4. Tag your clients in the photos

The easiest way to reach a lot of people with a photo post on your photography Facebook page is to tag your client in the photo, that way their photos are more visible to their friends. This increases your reach and gets more views to your photos. Tagging your clients cannot always be done depending on your client's privacy settings and whether or not you are Facebook friends with them. If they would rather not be tagged in the photos, suggest to them to share their photos on their wall so others can see. This will at least get more views to your photos and potentially new followers.

5. Link your photos to your blog

Essentially, your biggest goal by having a Facebook page for your business is to get in front of more people and gain new clients, so getting people to your website is a must! Once you have a session or post blogged and ready to be viewed on your site, share it on Facebook that gets your followers to click the link. Once they are on your site, make sure you have a call-to-action at the end of your posts and on every page so they know what to do next. facebook postIn this post that I put up, I not only linked it to my website, but I left my audience guessing & wanting to know more about the topic I was covering. I received 3x as much reach as I normally do on a post that links to my blog.

6. Start a Facebook group

Even by implementing all of the above suggestions, your reach still might not be as abundant as you'd like. By creating a private Facebook group for your clients, you can share your upcoming promotions and content with a greater chance that it will be seen by those who matter most - your clients.  Use this group as a private hangout place & a spot to connect with your clients on a more intimate level. You can also cross-promote your Facebook posts in the group to keep the page fresh and updated!

 With a little bit of work and practice, you can turn your dull photography Facebook page into a blooming marketing hub.

Did you find these tips helpful? Leave a comment below and share it with your friends - because sharing makes the world go round!

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