Lightroom Tip: Improving your photos with these simple tweaks

lightroom tips to improve your photos

Do you want to know a quick and simple way to add some drama to your photos in Lightroom?!?! Of course you do!

Just by using  Lightroom brushes and adding a subtle vignette, you can create a visually stunning photo in less than a minute! I use this combo A LOT to draw attention to the subjects in my photographs and it really does make a HUGE difference (check out the before and after at the end of this post).
Step #1:
#2   The first thing I did to this photo was a little sharpening and I bumped up the exposure by +.5, then converted it to b&w using a favorite preset of mine: 'December Frost' from the Retro Magic collection. As you can see,  her face is really dark but the rest of the photo is well exposed. I didn't want to change the exposure to the entire photo, so that's when using brushes can be very beneficial.
Step #2:
#3   I used my very own dodge brush from my 'Classic Film' collection, but Lightroom comes with it's own dodge brush that works just fine. I went over her entire face with the brush and adjusted the amount to my liking.
Step #3:
#4   The last thing I did was add a subtle vignette from the effects menu (found at the bottom of the right adjustment panel). The vignette burns the edges that creates depth to really draw you into the photo. #5  

 Just by using these two effects, the quality of the photo has changed dramatically, wouldn't you agree???

If you'd like to see this edit in action,  check out the video tutorial!    
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  • Thanks for the information I will experiment it and let you know


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