Lightroom Tip: Improving your photos with these simple tweaks

Do you want to know a quick and simple way to add some drama to your photos in Lightroom?!?! Of course you do!

Just by using  Lightroom presets, filters, and adding a subtle vignette, you can create a visually stunning photo in less than a minute!

I use this combo A LOT to draw attention to the subjects in my photographs and it really does make a HUGE difference (check out the before and after at the end of this post).

edit photos in Lightroom

Step #1:

The first thing I did to this photo was apply a preset from my Life in Color preset collection. This helped me set the base tone and color for the final look.

I also tweaked the temperature slightly by warming it up to help achieve the natural glow of the sunset.

applying Lightroom presets


Step #2:

I love images that pop with color and tone, so I adjusted my whites, blacks, vibrance, and exposure in the basic panel to create the look and colors I wanted.

edit in basic panel in Lightroom

Step #3:

Next, I applied a simple radial filter to add light back into the main focal point of the photo.

I selected the area I wanted to apply it to and then adjusted the exposure of the filter as needed.

*Radial filters are only available for Lightroom 5 & up

radial filter in Lightroom

Last step:

To finish off this edit, I added a subtle vignette around the edges to make the photo pop and add more depth.

Lightroom vignette

By applying a few simple tweaks, the quality of the photo has changed dramatically, wouldn't you agree???

before & after lightroom edit


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So, what did you think? Did you learn something new???

Let us know by commenting below & share with us your favorite takeaway from this tutorial. We can't wait to see what you have to say!

We create Lightroom tutorials based on your words of encouragement, so your feedback is more important than you know!

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