Lightroom keywords - what they are & how to use them

Adding keywords in Lightroom

When discovering more options in the Lightroom library module, you might ponder what keywords are and how you can use them.

In this short video, I am going to explain what Lightroom keywords are and how you can use them to utilize your Lightroom experience!

If you aren't using keywords now, then drop what you are doing and watch this video - it could very well change your entire way of working in Lightroom (for the best)!!!


So what did you think???

I hope you are on the official Lightroom keyword bandwagon now and will start using them in a consistent basis because it's such a fun and useful feature!

Want to know even more Lightroom tips and organizational options you might not know about?

Then come enroll in my online course, The Lightroom Lush, today!

Once you have the awareness & knowledge of what all Lightroom can do for you, it will not only amaze you, but will change your workflow for the better.

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