*CLOSED* IPS Kickstarter giveaway!

It wasn't even a year ago when I was still slaving away at my photography business.

Every session felt like a victory at first, but after I invested in so many hours with each client and coming up with only a handful of money after expenses and taxes, I knew I needed to find a better way.

I knew my work was good enough to make more money (and that my time was even more valuable) than I was earning, but I didn't even know where to start.

Enter IPS Mastermind.

I had been following their Facebook group for awhile and seeing contributors post about the $1,500 sale they just knocked out.

Or about the $5,000 sale they had for the pet mini session.

And not only seeing these inspiring sales, but soaking up every bit of information I came across in the form of answered questions piqued my interest enough; just enough to throw in the chips and try it myself.

I completely re-branded my business, got a snazzy new website, and increased my prices by a lot.

Needless to say, I was scared to the bone.

Each phone inquiry had me trembling, stuttering over my words, and dripping with sweat by the time I ended the call.

But those anxieties dissipated after I had my first full IPS (in-person sales) session and walked away $1,000 richer.

Then again with my next sale being $1,300.

I couldn't believe it and I wasn't looking back: IPS had changed my life!

Since then, I have made some mistakes, but also soared into new heights with my business. And now, I want to share my enthusiasm for this business model with you - because you deserve to make more money!

Some of the top photography vendors in the industry have been so kind to donate their amazing products to bring you this amazing giveaway so you can kick start your IPS journey now.


One lucky winner will walk away with this awesome IPS prize package:

- a 6 month membership to IPS Mastermind

- $150 photo album sample from Miller's lab

- the Shoot & Sell + Proofshare bundle app

- a NEW iPad Air


Scroll down to see what's in store for you and how to enter. Best of luck in your IPS journey!




6 month IPS Mastermind membership


You'll find no better education than this folks! This membership will cover everything you need to know about in-person sales.

From pricing structure, to sales strategies and marketing, you'll soar to new heights in your business in no time!

At only $35/month for a membership, there is NO excuse why you can't get in on this amazing learning opportunity to change your life!

Get started with IPS Mastermind here.



Miller's lab signature book

How are you going to sell beautiful products if you don't have beautiful samples to show your clients???

Along with the other amazing prizes in this package, you'll score a signature book from Miller's lab, up to a $150 value!

This will be the perfect product to display your best work and showcase your high quality service.

 Discover more about the Miller's signature book here.


$100 Two Blooms gift card


Create stunning photos in less time with these Lightroom presets!

You'll be able to create a streamlined workflow and consistency in your imagery for a more polished and professional look.

Browse our Lightroom Preset collections here & save 30% off any purchase through September 8th, 2017 with code: YES2IPS


Shoot & Sell + Shootproof

The shoot & sell app will be a game changer for your in-person sales.

When you can help your clients visualize their beautiful photos displayed in their own homes, you'll be sure to score more sales and sell more wall art than before.

Shootproof will come in handy when showing your clients their proofs from the session, making it easier to thumb through and sort through favorites.

This bundle will help your new IPS business overflow with growth and extra sales. Learn more about these amazing apps here.


iPad Air

What good are these amazing apps without a way of using them???

Included in this prize bundle, you'll also walk away with a brand new iPad Air.

You'll be able to show your photos, sell more wall art, and take payments through your preferred payment gateway all with this device.




Congratulations to Lauren Han, you are the winner! Thank you all who participated in this fun & exciting giveaway!



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  • This would be amazing to win, fingers crossed it’s me but still a blessing to whomever wins!!!!

  • Have always been “afraid/nervous” to enter the world of IPS, these tools would be wonderful to get past that. Good luck to all!!

  • Honestly, this is the coolest thing ever. I’m still a newbie and learning. And totally trying to kick butt at building business so this is really awesome that you’re doing this for people like me!❤️

    Monica Flores

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