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How to use dodging & burning to darken a background in Lightroom

Dodging and burning has been used since the early days of film developing.

Used as a common practice to darken and lighten specific areas of a photograph, we can still use this technique in our editing today.

By using dodging and burning, it's a simple way to add contrast and enhance the look of many types of photos.

how to darken a background in Lightroom with dodging & burning + download FREE Lightroom presets

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to use this technique to specifically darken a background in Lightroom and also add more dimension to facial features.

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  • This was so helpful!! Thank you so much for sharing. I love learning your tips and tricks!

  • So glad to see that it helped you ladies – I love discovering new things in Lightroom & happy to share that love!

    Heather - Two Blooms
  • This was super helpful – definitely learned something new! Thank you for the video and the presets!

    Savannah Strine

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