How to organize photos in Lightroom, the easy way!

how to organize photos in Lightroom

Lightroom is not only an amazing photo editing software, but an incredibly awesome database too!

Not only can you search for keywords in Lightroom, but you can organize your photos to your heart's desire, making it the most organized editing program offered! You might hear me talk over and over about how I can edit a photo session in Lightroom in an hour or less, but the true secret to my success in using Lightroom is it's optimal organizational features. When you are able to organize your photos in such a way that is only takes a matter of seconds to look up a single photo, now that is POWERFUL stuff!



Neato stuff, eh?

If you found this video useful and now really understand how to organize your photos in Lightroom, leave me a comment below and tell me!  two blooms lightroom presets    
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  • Great helpful tutorial. I do have another question though. Do you have a tutorial for getting started with the folders, etc. for Lightroom? I have CreativeCloud and I am using the Photographer bundle (PS/LR/Behance). I have read where some are recommending importing directly from my camera into LR, instead of using say, Adobe Bridge. Is this recommended? And if so, do you offer any type of quick tutorial on how to go about doing this, importing directly, then organizing the imports? Sorry for the lengthy question. Thank you so much for any help you can offer!

    Tina Thelen
  • […] How to organize photos in Lightroom, the EASY way […]

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