How to make before & after collages in Lightroom

Creating before & after collages in Lightroom is simple, quick, and will come in handy if you ever need to share your photography work!

  Follow these simple steps to get you started (video tutorial at bottom of page)

1. Make sure you are in the develop module in Lightroom and choose the photo you wish to share.

Create a virtual copy of this photo by right clicking on the photo and choose "create virtual copy." This will create a copy of your photo so you can keep it unedited while you edit your original. create virtual copy

2. Now that you have a copy of the photo, edit your original to your liking.

edit original in lightroom copy

3. When you are finished editing your original photo, switch over the the 'Print' module in Lightroom. You should now have an edited photo and an unedited photo in your filmstrip.

print module in lightroom copy  

4. Choose your before & after collage (FREE template download at the bottom of page) and simply drag and drop your photos into the appropriate space by clicking on the photo icon and dragging it with the mouse.

drag and drop photos to template copy

5. Now that you have created your before and after collage, it's time to export. Scroll down the the 'Print Job' tab and choose your "print" settings.

When you have your settings chosen, click "print to file" to export your collage. You will have the option of saving this collage anywhere on your computer.

export photo template in Lightroom copy


6. Once the job has been processed, you are done! Now you have a great before & after collage you can share with your peers!

lightroom collage template

Download your FREE before & after templates HERE.

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    40 Free Tutorials for Lightroom
  • Glad the collages worked! Instagram crops all it’s photos down to a square so you will have to use an app to add a border around your photo before uploading to Instagram. I use an app called Instasqaure and it uploads right to Instagram after the border has been applied.

    Heather Ford
  • All well and good doing the before and after but instagram photos are square :/


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