How to install Lightroom Presets


Downloading presets is one thing, but knowing how to install presets is another.

One of the biggest questions I get asked about Lightroom presets is getting over the hurdle of getting them properly installed in Lightroom. Being anything but intuitive, installing presets in Lightroom can be somewhat tricky at first. Let's walk through each step of installing Lightroom presets so you can be on your way to editing with your new tools right now!

1. Download Presets

You can shop our variety of presets here. Once you have purchased your collection, look for a download email to click to download. donwload-link

2. Unzip the folder

All of our Lightroom preset collections come in a zipped folder. Once you have downloaded the folder, locate it on your computer in your download folder, and move it to a secure location. Unzip the folder to gather the uncompressed presets and brushes. screenshot-3

3. Open Lightroom

You will need to be in Lightroom to upload the presets.

4. Click on Preferences ( under Edit menu on PC, under Lightroom menu on Mac)


5. Select the Presets tab and click on box titled "show Lightroom presets folder"


6. Open the Lightroom folder & click on develop presets (for brushes, click the 'local adjustment presets' folder instead)


7. Copy the Two Blooms preset folder and paste into develop presets folder

Make sure you copy and paste the entire folder here and not just the individual presets - This will ensure that your presets will stay organized in their collective folders and it will be easier to navigate in your presets tab. copy-and-paste-folder

8. Close and re-start Lightroom

After you have effectively completed all of the steps above, close and re-start Lightroom to start using your presets!   Still stuck?? Watch this quick video tutorial to help speed things up: two blooms lightroom presets  
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