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How to get more photography clients

how to get more photography clients

At some point or another, every photographer is going to wonder how to get more photography clients.

Perhaps you just started your business and are looking to build a clientele,  maybe you just increased your prices and some of your faithful clients can't "afford" you anymore, or possibly you just re-located your business and are starting up fresh. No matter what your reason may be, finding more photography clients can seem like a unrealistic task in the present moment, but I am here to tell you otherwise!

Here are some simple, yet effective, ways to get more photography clients now:

1. Start a referral program

Give your past clients a chance to earn some rewards by having them refer their friends to you! If they are loyal customers, this won't be hard! Giving a good incentive, like a gift card or a discount off their next session, will give them more motivation and reason to refer their friends and family members to you.

2. Network with similar businesses

This is a BIGGIE. Seeking out local businesses that cater to your target market can be the biggest asset to your business. Offer something in exchange for asking to help promote your business, like free photos for their website or prints for their shop. Collaborating with like-minded business owners will get you more reach to the clients you want to attract faster.

3. Start a newsletter

Being able to email leads and clients is a HUGE marketing leap that can be a game-changer for your business. In your email series, you will be able to build and cultivate relationships with your subscribers - making it easier for them to choose you over another photographer. Entice new leads with a gift or incentive that can't be ignored when they sign up. Based on your target client, this could be a discount for their first session, a free print, or a style guide to help them with their session. Make your opt-in visible and easy to see on all pages of your website for better conversion rates and results. Don't have newsletter yet? Start one today for FREE with mailchimp - now you have no excuses.

4. Offer portfolio-building sessions

These are not only great for you to add some new photos to your portfolio, but this gives people a chance to hire you for a discounted rate. Make sure that the session is still fair to you as far as pricing and time goes, and that your client knows this is different from what a normal session is like with you. Now you have a new client and a chance for them to take advantage of your referral program. Use this as an opportunity to really dazzle them with your experience.

5. Learn SEO

SEO, when done correctly, will get you the right people to your website who are searching exactly for your service. If you are wanting to get more local traffic to your site, then learning how SEO works is a priceless investment in your business. Take a peek at this post to help you get started!

6. Be social!

When out meeting new people, don't be afraid to talk about your business. If someone has an interest in what you do, don't be shy to pass them a business card or two. They might not end up being a future client, but you have just taken a baby step to get your business known by more people.

7. Rock your social media world

As much as I hate to admit it, social media is a way of life these days. EVERYONE is on social media and your business should be too! Social media, although it can be a huge distraction and waste of time, is a great (and FREE) way of connecting with your clients and new leads. It gives others a chance to see you in action and get questions answered by directly interacting with you. Not sure which social media platform is best for you and your target clients? Check out this post! If you can implement just a few of these suggestions, you will be on your way to getting new photography clients in a snap!

Are you using any of these in your business marketing plan currently? If not, what are you waiting for???

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  • thanks for the tips! :)

  • You’re welcome!

    Heather Ford

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