How to edit a photo session in 1 hour or less

how to edit a photo session in 1 hour

You probably know by now how much of a fan I am of Lightroom, right???? (if you didn' you know!)

I am such a huge advocate for it not only because you can complete your entire workflow using it, but because you can SAVE SO MUCH TIME (and yes, you an edit a photo session in 1 hour or less!)

CASE IN POINT: I edited and blogged this session in 60 minutes, I even created the blog boards in Lightroom - saving me tons of time! lightroom before and after 1

I don't know about you, but my time is very precious to me.

I stay at home with my kids; if you know how time-consuming raising children can be, then you know how precious time is!

I am  starting to ease into homeschooling my older son, I work from home in my "spare" time and do photography sessions on the weekends.

AKA: I am one busy Momma!


My #1 priority are my boys and being the best Mom I can be.

I try not to be glued to the computer for more than 1 hour at a time so I can enjoy them while they are young. I make time to take them out to the park, on adventures, and play rowdy games around the house (currently their favorite game is called "dinosaur practice" - take a stab at how that is played).

So you can guess that I do NOT want to be glued to the computer for hours on end editing photos or stay up for hours past my bedtime just to get it done on time ( I am a BEAR when I am tired - FYI). lightroom edit before and after 2



Because it doesn't bog down my time. Because I can still be the Mom I want to be. Because I can have an awesome turnaround time for my clients.

lightroom edit before and after

So if I ever sound like a broken record, just know WHY.

I created Two Blooms to share my love and knowledge of Lightroom with others so that you too can also enjoy the finer things in life and not be chained to your computer for several hours editing photos!

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