How to create a light-filled photo in Lightroom + a free preset

Do you ever wonder how photographers get their photos so bright, airy, and full of clean whites???

Well, you are in luck! With a few tweaks in Lightroom, you can achieve this very look in just a few clicks.

In this quick video, we will uncover the simple steps you need to take to get that bright & light-filled look to your photos that you love!

how to create a light & airy look in Lightroom


Don't forget to scroll down after you watch this video for your FREE Lightroom preset!



So, whatcha think? Did you learn something new???

Let us know by commenting below & share with us your favorite takeaway from this tutorial. We can't wait to see what you have to say!

We create Lightroom tutorials based on your words of encouragement, so your feedback is more important than you know!

Grab your FREE Lightroom preset HERE and make sure you check out the full set, Call Her Crazy, while it's still on sale through May 31st, 2018.



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  • That was helpful! Thanks for the video!

  • We only create Lightroom presets and don’t have any plans to move to ACR or Photoshop, but will keep that in mind, thanks!

    Heather - Two Blooms
  • Call Her Crazy is a new set in the works! Be on the lookout for it this year!

    Heather - Two Blooms

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