Getting started with Lightroom: Understand how Lightroom operates

Getting started with Lightroom

I'm sure you've heard it time and time again, "Lightroom is such a powerful program", "Lightroom is all you need to organize your photos", "Lightroom is the King of workflow", etc.  But do you really understand how it operates as a system?

You can set up your folders, catalog, and edit your photos like a boss, but if you don't really understand how Lightroom is set-up, you could be kicking yourself in the foot.

In simple terms, Lightroom is not just an editing program, but a database for your photos.

Pretty awesome right???? Instead of writing, I thought it would be easier just to explain to you how it works. I bet you anything that you will learn something new today!

Like I said - pretty awesome right????

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If you found this video useful and have a more firm grasp on how Lightroom operates, then leave me a comment and let me know!

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  • Hi .wants the tutorial of lightroom


    Juan Croom
  • […] Getting started with Lightroom: Understanding how Lightroom works […]

    40 Free Tutorials for Lightroom

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