Editing cloudy portraits in Lightroom + e-course announcement

Editing cloudy portraits in Lightroom can seem impractical at times, but there are many ways to bring these dull photos to life!

At least, that's what I faced when it came time to edit this photo.

Without much luck using Lightroom presets, a good old fashioned hand edit was just the ticket to edit this photo to add color and vibrancy!

Take a few minutes to learn my exact recipe to editing cloudy portraits in Lightroom so you can apply them to your editing workflow.


how to edit cloudy photos in Lightroom - Lightroom tutorial

Tune in now to watch this FREE training or Pin on Pinterest for later!

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With The Lightroom Lush, you'll be able to discover and explore new editing techniques, fresh ways to correct less than optimal photos, and a new approach to your editing style.

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