Creating a vivid sky in Lightroom + FREEBIE!

creating a vivid skin in Lightroom + Freebie!

Creating a more vivid sky in Lightroom can be done quickly and easily using just a few simple adjustments and tweaks.

In this tutorial, I will run you through how to create a more vivid sky using the Lightroom adjustment brush tool & the steps you can take to create your own effects for future use!

Stay tuned at the end of this tutorial for an exclusive FREEBIE!

creating a vivid sky in Lightroom

Step 1. Open the brush tool

In the Develop module, choose the brush icon underneath the histogram to open the brush tool settings. open brush tool in Lightroom

2. Choose a new brush

To start a new adjustment brush, click on "New" at the top. Also make sure that the black arrow in the adjustment panel is pointed down to expand the effects options. click new brush

3. Make your brush adjustments for a vivid sky

In order for your sky to appear more vivid, decrease the exposure and increase the saturation for a color boost. brush adjustments

4. Add in extra color

For extra color & vibrancy, choose a suitable color from the color settings to add to your brush adjustments. choose color

5. Brush on the effects

Choose the correct size brush and brush over the entire area of the sky with the options we just chose in the adjustments panel. brush over

6. Edit brush stroke amount & finish

Once you have applied the brush over the entire sky, minimize the effects win by clicking on the black arrow. Now you can move the amount slide back and forth to achieve the right amount of vibrance & color to your sky. When you are finished, press done at the bottom right of the image. edit amount

Using this technique can be applied to all variations of skies in your photos in just a few steps!

Download this FREE sky brush used in this photo HERE.

So, whatcha think? Did you learn something new???

Let us know by commenting below & share with us your favorite takeaway from this tutorial. We can't wait to see what you have to say!

We create Lightroom tutorials based on your words of encouragement, so your feedback is more important than you know!

free lightroom presets

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