6 ways to book more photo sessions

Want to book more photo sessions?

Of course you do!!! I mean, that's why you're here, right???

But, I'm going to let you in on a little secret real quick....

Booking more & getting more business is much more than just a hope, a wish, and posting religiously on social media.

If you want to see your business grow, then you will have to eventually step out of your comfort zone and take more action.

Action brings results, and if you are just hanging around waiting for clients to magically come to you, then you might be waiting for awhile.

But, when you put in the effort and the work, you can start booking more photo sessions in no time!

Let's start with these 6 ways to get you on the right track...



Know your niche

You might have heard the popular saying, "the riches are in the niches", but how accurate is this really?

Well, think of it this way: if you were having a problem with your skin, you likely wouldn't head to your family doctor, you'd want to see a specialist; someone who will KNOW exactly what your problem is without a second thought because they specialize in skin.

This same concept can be brought over to your photography business.

If you know what your niche is and who you want to serve, then more people will come to you because you are the expert in that area.


Tidy up your website

While having a fancy website design might impress your graphic design friends, this is rarely a smart move when you want to be more successful in booking sessions - unless of course you are targeting creatives as a niche.

Your website should provide these main purposes:

  • to show off you work and brand personality
  • display important information about your services
  • provide a way for prospects to get in touch & hire you

That's it!

If your website is a mess and your prospects don't know how to navigate it in order to find the information they need, then you might be losing bookings.

Keep it simple & easy enough for a 5th grader to figure it out and you'll be set for more bookings!

Check out these Wordpress themes hand-picked just for photographers.


Use a newsletter

While social media is nice, you can't always guarantee that your followers and clients are seeing your posts.

This is where having a newsletter can come in handy!

Not only can you stay in touch with your subscribers, you can look into detailed metrics as to who's opening your emails, who's not, and how effective your email marketing campaigns are.

Besides all of the technical stuff, sending out a frequent email will help you stay at the top of your client's minds, which is never a bad thing - especially if your social media posts get buried in the algorithm, then they could forget about you for good!


Start a referral program

Another simple way to get more bookings is by starting a referral program for your current clients.

By offering them an enticing incentive when they send you new clients, it will be a sure-fire way to get more business without all of the heavy lifting.

When you set up your program the smart way, you can double or even triple your bookings in no time!

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Treat your clients like Gold

This should really go without saying, but you need to give your clients a reason to refer their friends to you. Not just a monetary reason, but a feel-good reason based on the experience you gave them!

At the end of the day, you want your clients gushing about you and eager to share their experience with others.

Have you ever had such an amazing experience with a business or brand that you immediately had to drop everything to tell your friends or leave a 5 start review?

This should be your aim as a business Serve the crap out of your clients, treat them like gold, and give them all the reasons in the world to sign your praises from the highest mountain.


Bonus tip: Have a marketing plan

Newsflash, you can't book as many sessions as you hope to without a solid marketing plan!

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I like to use military operations as an example when illustrating why having a (marketing) plan is essential to business success.

Soldiers rarely, if ever, go into a risky situation without a plan & a backup plan. Instead of going in guns blazing, they come up with a strategic plan that will ensure the best results with fewest openings for mistakes.

Without a plan, military operations would be sloppy & unsuccessful. The same goes for business!

Not that what we do should  compare photo sessions in the same light as military operations, it's important to note that organization and planning results in better outcomes in essentially everything that we do.


Need a proven system to book more sessions?

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