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5 reasons why you should be doing in-person sales

When you think of photographers these days, you might automatically correlate them with providing all the digital files with each session they do.

But, on the contrary, there are many "old fashioned" photographers who collect a session fee and sell products separately to their clients in person.

Even in a digital world, this business model has been making a comeback and soaring to new heights; allowing photographers to be seen as true professionals and have more creative control over their final product.

If you aren't selling your photos to your clients in-person yet, you might reconsider after digesting these 5 simple, but powerful reasons that you should!

1. Higher quality clients

When you are charging low rates, you're going to attract clients who don't particularly value photography, but the price tag it comes with.

Most of the time, these "bargain consumers" are only in it for the low price tag, and they will stop at nothing to find a way to haggle you or cause trouble in the process, either before, during, or after your session with you.

Don't believe me??? Just skim through some posts on any photography forum and you'll come across some awful stories and situations photographers are in with their low-paying clients.

Cost & service go hand-in-hand when it comes to consumers.

Charging higher rates and providing a unique in-person experience will weed out these bargain consumers and you'll start attracting clients who truly value what you do.

2. More value

What has more perceived value do you think?? A Dropbox folder of digital files that you send off to your client as soon as they're done uploading, OR large canvases, mounted prints, and albums you personally deliver to your client?

When you provide tangible products to your clients and hand deliver them, you are giving them something they can hold, touch, and view on a daily basis.

Digital files on the other hand, they might be printed off at Shutterfly or Walgreens eventually, but most likely they will get their fair share of likes and interaction on social media and then forgotten about on that Dropbox folder until it's late enough when your client cannot locate said folder.

There's just something about having physical products that you offer that significantly raises the bar and adds a ton of value to your photos and your business.


3. Sets your business apart from the rest

 I cannot tell you how many times I've heard the excuse "But everyone in my town just wants all the photos on a disc for $xxx".


I mean, have you really talked to every single person in your town to know this information to be true?

If you have, then you can stop right here. But, if you haven't talked to every single person in your area of service, then listen closely to this: if all the other photographers in your area are offering their services and all photos included for $xxx, then offering a higher quality service is going to set you apart for the rest of the competition.

If all the restaurants in your town were drive-thru style and suddenly a family-friendly sit down restaurant were to open up, how do you think this new joint would do?

Would the other fast food places be competing with this new restaurant, or would it stand alone because of the different atmosphere, experience, and price level???

Same goes with photography. If you raise the bar and increase your customer experience, you'll be competing with no one (or with very few) around you.

4. More fulfilling

When you meet with your clients in-person before the session, after the session, and when you deliver their final products, you are building a solid, trusting relationship.

Not only will you have amazing relationships with your clients, but when you provide them with quality, heirloom products, you will be able to physically see the value and importance of your work.

Knowing that your photographs are being viewed & enjoyed every day by your clients in their home and with their loved ones is the ultimate way fulfillment a photographer can ever experience.


5. More money

IPS doesn't always correlate to charging premium prices, but when you sell your photos in-person, the chances of boosting your sales are much higher.

When you can meet with your clients to show them their photos for the first time, their emotions will be heightened and you'll be there to help guide them through the best options for them.

By showing them samples of your products and wall art mock ups for their home, they will be able to better visualize their photos in the form of these products and you'll have a much higher chance of selling those products (as opposed to putting the photos on an online gallery and hoping for the best).

Besides, who doesn't love to make more money???


If you aren't selling your photos in person yet, what's holding you back? Let's chat about it in the comments below!


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  • I would love to move to IPS in the future but how do I do this if I don’t have a studio where I can meet with my clients? Where is a professional place you would recommend having these client meetings? Also, how does the process work after the session? Do you show the client their images online and then they choose which images they want printed? Once you have all of their products do you meet with them again to deliver the products or are they shipped directly to the client?

  • Hello Heather! Thank you so so so much for this little, but critical artical. This subject has been on my mind for a little while now with my small photography business. I’ve been doin drop box folders and flash drives although that’s not something I plan to stick to forever. I want to give my clients that experience of recieving beautiful high quality prints that they will cherish for a lifetime. However, I don’t know how to set up that process in my business. For example, wedding packages… how to charge extra for prints. What are some common wedding packages that include prints? Portrait packages? And where’s the best place to order these prints? Some where local or online? And what are the best ones? So basically I LOVE the idea of providing my clients with amazing prints, but my question is how do I organize it within my business?


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