5 reasons why you should be using Lightroom to edit and organize your photos

 If you are a hobbyist, dabble in photography, or looking to one day become a professional photographer, then you NEED to know about Lightroom.

You've heard about Photoshop and you've probably downloaded some free editing software like GIMP or Painshop Pro, but I am here to tell you that Lightroom is where it's at.

Between it's superb image filing abilities, rock-solid editing capabilities, and filling all of the gaps in between, Lightroom should be a no-brainer when it comes to choosing an editing software.

But, if you haven't jumped on the wagon yet, get ready to do so!

We are going to briefly explore the essential reasons why you should be using Lightroom to edit and organize your photos!

why you should use Lightroom for editing photos


the database

Lightroom, in it's most basic sense, is a database for your photos.

While it doesn't actually house your photos and the edits you complete inside of it, Lightroom references all of this information for us to quickly pull up and look at.

Pretty neat huh?

So all of the information that you put into Lightroom is collected, stored, and run like a well-oiled machine. The more information you put into Lightroom with your photos the better database will be.

By being able to create folders, a filing system that makes sense to you, and adding keywords to your images, you will be able to reference your images from year's past within seconds because of it's hefty capabilities.

If you need a simple explain of what keywords are and how they can create an amazing database for your photos, check out this tutorial.



it's workflow efficient

Lightroom was built out of the desire to be workflow efficient for photographers.

What does that mean, you ask?

In a sense, it was created so you can upload, sort, delete, edit, and finalize your photos from start to finish all in one area.

Instead of uploading, pulling your photos into another editor, then saving them on your computer, then opening another program to get them print-ready,  Lightroom does all of that inside it's system.

With Lightroom, there's no need to shuffle between editing programs, RAW image convertors, and viewing software, you can do all of your business in one place.


it's functional

If there's one thing that's important in my workflow, it's functionality.

When something flows seamlessly, you'll be able to get more work done in less time, which means you can be more profitable in your business.

Once you get the hang the way Lightroom works, it will be the most functional program you'll ever use!

Being able to upload, edit, and create photo books to print all in once place, you can speed up the time it takes you to accomplish these tasks and develop a faster workflow.




it's fast

Just the fact that you can do so many things in Lightroom says a lot and what is truly responsible for being able to accomplish your photo tasks quicker.

For the reason alone that you don't need to move between software is a time-saver in and of itself, but there's even more time-savers you can apply in Lightroom!

By being able to use presets upon importing, developing, and exporting, you can cut your workflow time in half (or more!).

We create Lightroom presets to assist photographers develop and even more speedy workflow with beautiful results.

If you need another reason to jump on the Lightroom bandwagon, then come check out our entire collection and see what style you love the most!



print & sharing options

To top off all of the amazing reasons why Lightroom is the #1 program for photographers, insert the print module.

You can literally do so much with this module and the possibilities reach as far as the eye can see.

With the print area, you can create templates for printing, blogging, and even album creation. Imagine creating an album for a client in under 10 minutes - how much extra time and money would you be able to pocket???

Want to see how you can create a photo album this quick? Check out our video tutorial here.

There are so many things that Lightroom has to offer you as a photographer or hobbyist and if you haven't taken the plunge yet, you probably are going to now!


What's your favorite feature that you learned about Lightroom and how will it help you organize/ improve your workflow?

Let us know in the comments below and start the discussion - we love chatting with our readers!



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  • Really helpful, thank you! One thing….I don’t see the album tutorial, it doesnt seem to be linked?


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