5 reasons why you need a photography business marketing plan

Starting a photography business, especially if it's something you truly enjoy, is something that is both exciting and scary.

Exciting because you get to pursue a career that you love, but scary because, ultimately, business success is generally up to you. No pressure, right?

If you want your photography business to grow and succeed, without wasting a lot of time, effort, and ad money, then you absolutely will need to have a marketing plan in place.


Because no photography business should be without a marketing plan! Plain and simple, you won't reach your goals of being a successful business owner if you don't take your business seriously. And having a marketing plan for your business is the very first step.

So, what exactly is a marketing plan anyway?

Basically, it's a road map and a plan that you put in motion to attract more people, grow your business, and make more money. You can do this by implementing small tactics and in-depth strategies to reach your goals faster and more intentionally.

Think of a marketing plan like the military thinks of tactical operations. Armies don't just go into a risky situations guns-blazing do they? Heck no! That's a sure-fire way (no pun intended) of putting soldiers in danger or it becoming fatal. What do they do instead? They come up with a strategic plan of action to get the job done. They look at it from all angles to foresee any obstacle that could put the operation into jeopardy.

Without a strategy, how can we expect to win as business owners?

Though it's not as risky as military operations, your business success is determined by how much planning you put into it.

Want even more proof? Here's 5 reasons why you shouldn't overlook this pivotal part of your business.

 why you need a photography business marketing plan

1. Helps you Book more clients

This is the entire point of creating a marketing plan in the first place, right? Not only does a marketing plan help you book more clients, but it helps you book more of your ideal client - you know, the clients who value your craft & your time.

More bookings doesn't always mean more money, so focusing on a marketing plan can actually help you book more quality clients that make you & your business happy in the end!


2. Helps you Reach financial goals

Without clients, how can you expect to reach your financial goals and make money in your business?

There's no way around it - you need to market your business in order to make money.


3. Helps you Grow your business

You might be able to get away without a marketing plan for a little time by word of mouth and social media, but that will only go so far unless you truly have a gift for unplanned business growth (in which, please share with us your secret).

At some point in time, your business will plateau and won't reach the levels that you want because there is no plan set in motion. But, when you have goals and a plan to reach those goals, then you are in a much better place to grow your business!


4. Helps you Be more organized

When you are intentional about WHAT you are doing in your business and WHY you are doing it, then you will be a lot more organized.

Not only will this free up a lot of time, but it will help you work smarter and with ease.

Just think, if you knew your plan for the next 6 months, what's stopping you from working on reaching those goals now? Not only could you get more work done and not scrambling at the last minute putting things together, but you can have quicker success. Sounds pretty nice, eh?


5. Helps you Work smarter with more intention

I'll admit, I used to be the kind of photographer that just did what I wanted, when I wanted to - without a plan or without any clear reason.

I'd write blogs, start newsletters, create ads, and do so many little things in my business without slowing down to ask myself why I was doing them. I honestly thought that the more things I put out there, the more business that I would get - but it turns out that I was way wrong.

It wasn't until I practiced a fully intentional marketing plan for my photography business that I saw major growth.

Not only did my bank account expand, but I started booking more clients who were my dream clients. Clients that value what I do & don't bat an eyelash when they whip out their credit card.

This was all because of a strategic plan that forced me out of my old willy-nilly "marketing ways" and brought me to a level of professionalism that I should have sought from day 1.

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