40 Free Tutorials for Lightroom

Do you ever get overwhelmed with the vast amount of Lightroom tutorials available here & don't know where to start?!

Here's a recap of 40 of the best Free tutorials for Lightroom available on our site, in one easy place.

Take a look around to see what you want to learn today & don't forget to pin this post for future reference.

Happy learning!

40 free lightroom tutoirlas


Getting started with Lightroom: Understanding how Lightroom works

Importing options

What is a Lightroom catalog?

Save time editing with this one easy trick

Creating photo books in Lightroom (the easy way!)

3 ways to achieve proper white balance

Removing unwanted objects

What are Lightroom collections & why you should use them

Lightroom keywords & how to use them properly

Adding watermarks in Lightroom

Clone vs. heal, what's the difference?

Sizing photos for Facebook

How to edit a session in under 1 hour

Photoshop vs. Lightroom, let's settle this!

How to organize photos in Lightroom, the EASY way

Making collages in Lightroom

Making copies of photos in Lightroom  



How to get creamy skin tones in Lightroom

Urban portrait edit

Editing newborns in Lightroom

How to add sunflare in Lightroom

Creating a vivid sky in Lightroom + bonus freebie

Saving an underexposed image

Adding a hazy, spring look

How to create a blanket fade in Lightroom

Edit portraits perfectly Brighten skin tones with this easy trick!

5 ways to create AMAZING B&W photos

Changing colors & hues

How to add snow in Lightroom

Correcting skin tones

How to whiten & brighten teeth

Fixing a washed out photo

Creating a fall look in Lightroom

How to layer presets

How to edit indoor window-lit photos

Editing a sun flare photo in Lightroom

Editing beach portraits in Lightroom

Why you should be using the radial filter tool in Lightroom  


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