2018 Holiday wish list for photographers

It's that time of year again!

Time to start putting together a wish list for your holiday season.

As a photographer, I am sure you can think of a few things to instantly fill up your wish list for years to come (unless Santa is feeling extra generous), but in case you've been wracking your brain, we've got you covered with a few ideas!

Here's a few favorites from our followers & what they are hoping to get this holiday season!

New battery grip

There's nothing like a new camera, but when that's not always on the menu, a new battery grip is just as exciting (we think)!

Give your camera a little upgrade this holiday season and prolong the length you can turn your camera on and off with a new grip.


Sigma ART 35mm lens

We are pulling out the big dogs now!
This was such a favored and popular wish list item this year that we HAD to include it in our list.
The Sigma ART 35mm lens will knock the socks off any lens you already have with it's smooth & buttery bokeh, precise focus, and perfect color rendering.
If this lens isn't on your wish list, you might want to re-consider it!
Want to see this lens in action? Check out our Instagram page - all of the photos featured are taken with either the Sigma ART 35mm or the 50mm.

Camera Bag

Whether you like something fun & feminine or something more practical and rugged, a new camera bag could never be denied by any photographer!
Looking for a stylish and practical bag for the lady in your life? Check out these bags from Jo totes - their styles (and prices) will have you coming back for more!

Camera Strap

Not any strap though; your photographer will need one that will last through the toughest jobs and keep their gear safe.
Peak design has created a strap that will stand the test of time & keep your gear secure.
Why cheap out on a "cute" camera strap when you are lugging around your most precious camera and lenses?
Invest in a better strap and know that your camera is in good hands (when it's not in yours)


Just to add a little fun to the mix - any tog in your life would be giddy with excitement for one of these!
Just for fun, or to take on an adventure, a Go Pro is a great way to capture all of the moments - wherever life takes you.

Sony A 7III mirrorless camera

Not everything in the photography world is Canon vs. Nikon.
Photography is taking a new turn in technology with it's mirrorless camera options - The Sony A7III being the cream of the crop.
Whether you use this as a full-time tool for your business or a fun gadget to easily take with you on day-today adventures, this little camera surely packs a punch in terms of quality.
If you don't have one of these on your wish list, you might want to re-consider.

The Lightroom Lush e-course

Not looking for things, but a solid editing education?
Look no further - The Lightroom Lush could be your saving grace to creating more beautiful photos in less time.
Learn how to edit those "tricky" photos and create your own unique editing styles with these exclusive training videos from Two Blooms.
Watch your first lesson for FREE here & then download your course materials instantly so you can start learning right away!

It's a great time to be a photographer - with technology always changing and evolving (and fun new gadgets being released all the time).

With so many options available on the market, there's something for every kind of photographer - no matter if you're starting out or have been at it for decades.

What's on your holiday wish list this year? Anything that we should add to ours???

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