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15 quick marketing ideas for photographers

Do you find that your same marketing attempts are getting your photography business nowhere quick?


Or perhaps you have no clue how to market yourself to gain more business?


Or are you just trying to find a way to jazz up your routine efforts & make marketing a little more fun?


No matter what your reasons might be for needing a few marketing ideas, we've got you covered!


Follow along these 15 marketing ideas for photographers and you might end up finding yourself more busy with new business than you ever imagined!


1. Host a giveaway on social media

Nothing sparks engagement quite like a giveaway, because, who doesn't like free stuff?! Think about who you want to target and what you want to giveaway, and you'll be on your way to a simple way to market your business!


2. Plan a collaboration session

There's nothing quite like planning the PERFECT photo session to add to your portfolio, and a collaboration is the icing on the cake since you'll get to meet local vendors.

Once you rub elbows with other professionals in your area, they will have direct experience with working alongside you which could be a really awesome thing for your business. 

Having a few local business buddies is never a bad thing!


3. Attend a networking event

Speaking of local business buddies, this my friend, is the easiest way to meet new people.

Finding and attending a local networking event (or joining a networking club) will be a simple way to meet more professionals in your area that could lead to instant referrals.

Don't be shy to try this insanely simple & effective marketing tactic.


4. Host a session event for charity

What better way of giving back to your community than hosting an event for charity????

Bonus of doing this is that the charity will be eager to help you market this event since you'll be helping them raise money for their organization.

Do you have a local charity that you LOVE? Contact them today and get started!


5. Send out a press release

 After you've hosted your successful charity event, what better way to keep the light burning than a feature in your local newspaper?!

Write up a press release to cover the details of your event to get in front of more local leads and put a favorable spotlight on your business.


6.Have a model call

Does your portfolio need a little sprucing??? Nothing beats a highly targeted model call!

Create buzz & get your business in front a slew of new potential leads with a model call. You'll not only rev up your portfolio, but if you manage it correctly, you might even make a few bucks off this gig too!


7. Start a referral/rep program

Get your trusty clients working for you by providing them with incentives when they send a new client your way.

Need help starting a referral program? Check out this post for a few helpful tips.


8. Send out cards to clients

Who doesn't love getting snail mail these days????

Send out holiday & birthday cards to your previous clients to keep your name in the front of their mind & make a great impression.

It's little things like this that go unnoticed and keep your clients coming back to you fro more sessions.


9. Start a photo project

Starting a project that you feel passionately about & can include your community will help you gain the respect of your peers and potential clients.

Think of a topic that really speaks to your heart and aligns with your brand to capitalize on an outstanding & successful project.


10.Write an unconventional blog post

Nothing will grab the attention of your audience more than an unexpected article laying out your innermost passion.

I would advise to stay away from hurtful or political beliefs, but taking a stand on your soapbox for a moment might earn you a little more respect and head nods from your ideal clients.


11. Start a newsletter

Now that you have the attention of your most ideal crowd from your unconventional blog post, don't let them get away!

Having a desirable opt-in at the footer of your blog can help you keep track of your new leads. Once they have subscribed to your email list, pop into their inbox a few times a month to keep yourself fresh on their mind.


12. Attend a trade show/expo

This one might cost a little more than the others, but what's a better gig of getting yourself in front of thousands of new people (and vendors) than stationing yourself at an expo?!

This is a great place to meet new people, let your business shine, collect new leads (hello rapidly growing email list!), and rub elbows with vendors who you can collaborate with.

If you haven't attended an expo yet, what's holding you back?


13. Volunteer at a local event for charity.

Are you a family photographer? Donating your time and free pictures during a Santa event can put your business in a favorable light. Pet photographer? How about taking photos of local shelter and rescue animals to boost their chances of getting adopted.

Donating your time doesn't need to be a daily, weekly, or even monthly thing, but if you take the time to serve your community, I can guarantee you'll meet people who notice your talent and it will create an amazing snowball effect.


14. Sponsor a sports team

This is especially helpful if you photograph children, families, or even better if you're a sports photographer.

Having your logo plastered on a team's jersey all season and perhaps a banner/ad will get your business name out into the world.

Plus, you'll be helping a team with their funding, which is never a bad thing


15. Leave your business card in public places

While this is a simple thing to do, never underestimate the power of leaving your business information anywhere that you can.

You never know who will pick up your card or notice it for the second, third, or fourth time to finally pique their interest enough to give you a call.


Stay tuned for 15 more marketing ideas in a future post - there's plenty of ideas to keep your business cookin' and growin'!


What's your favorite marketing idea from this list and how are you going to implement this into your own business??? Tell us in the comments below & start the discussion!


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