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10 ways to Keep your photography business organized year-round

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If you are like any normal creative, keeping your photography business organized doesn't always come naturally.

After all, photographers are artists, not professional organizational experts. But there comes a time in your hobby or your business where you absolutely need to buckle down, bite the bullet, and get organized for the sake of your sanity! Not only will having an organized operation keep everything in it's place, you will find that you will become more proficient at your job; making it quicker and easier to achieve mundane office tasks year-round (therefore, you won't be wasting time!).

Here are a few ideas to help you get your photography business organized and keep it that way year-round:

1. Make a space JUST for your business.
This could be a corner in your living room or you can devote an entire office room for this, but making a space to keep your business items in one place is essential.
2. Have a spot to keep all important client information and records
Investing in a filing cabinet or some sort of file system is the simplest way to pave your road to top-notch organization.
3. Break down your filing system by category
In your filing system, create individual folders for each month and fill it with client information forms of scheduled session for each particular month (or you could break it down to weeks if you are a full-time photographer). Also have a space to keep blank documents on hand so they are easy to give to your clients in a welcome packet or at a session.
4. Keep updated financial records
This is an absolute MUST if you want to stay organized and avoid an end-of-the-year migraine. Having a spreadsheet on hand can be a life-saver when it comes to record-keeping, without having to outsource all your book keeping to an accountant. two blooms lightroom presets financial spreadsheets for photographers spreadsheet computer We make financial spreadsheets tailored JUST for photographers for this very reason, it's too important to forget!
 5. Keep all your business receipts safe
After recording this information in your new spreadsheets, you will need to hold them in a designated area for safe-keeping. Placing your receipts in a separate location such as a small dividing envelope will help you stay on top of keeping your expenses in one place when tax season arrives and you need to hand those over to your CPA.
6. Stay up-to-date on your bookeeping
Depending on your business type and how busy you are, you will need to asses how often you should record your financial information. I recommend updating your spreadsheet at least once a week to keep yourself from getting too far behind in your records. Setting aside one hour per week on the same day will help you form a habit to keeping up-to-date with your books. For example, I always update my books first thing Monday morning and cross-reference all my financial information so I can stay on track.
7. Fill out a client workflow chart
If you have trouble remembering what stage you're at with each individual client you book, having a client checklist or chart on hand will help you with that! Keeping your client's information in one easy spreadsheet will also help you stay ultra-organized and on top of your business duties year-round! You can download a FREE client directory spreadsheet just for that HERE. Female Hands Typing.
8. Designate a spot just for your camera gear.
Having a place to set down, re-charge, and rest your gear will help greatly with your organizational routine. Knowing exactly where your gear is being held and safely-kept will give you peace of mind and will make it easier if you are ever in a rush to head out the door with your camera.
9. Keep a planner
Besides writing down important dates for scheduled sessions and events, make sure to include when to get back with clients, finish jobs, create galleries, and set-up sales sessions. Jotting down these simple tasks will certainly keep you on track and organized throughout the year.
10. Packaging needs a place too
To be the most efficient at packing up your precious photos, create a work station stocked with your packaging supplies and marketing materials to hand out to your clients when the job is done. This will make for a streamlined operating system that is sure to avoid clutter and madness.   Keeping your photography business organized will require a little bit of effort and work, but having a system set in place will only benefit you!

 Do you have ideas on how to better organize your photography business? Please share with us in the comments below!

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  • Great article! Unfortunately, the spreadsheet link and the image lead to a faulty link. Thanks for the tips!

  • Glad you found it useful! :)

    Heather Ford
  • I am still in the process myself! :)

    Heather Ford

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