You’re not primitive.



Or even inadequate.


You’re just a photographer-

not a mastermind accountant


That’s why we created these spreadsheets, to help you feel more confident and capable of ALL aspects of your business.

With the Microsoft Excel financial spreadsheets, you will be able to:

  • Record all of your business finances in one easy to use chart
  • Keep track of your client orders so you stay on top of how much income you are raking in
  • Finally stop stressing out about keeping track of how much money you owe at tax season

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The best part? These financial spreadsheets were made for beginners to adapt optimal organization with an easy to use format that allows for ultra-fast and easy recording for all your business finances. This spreadsheets are automatically calculated for monthly and yearly summaries; leaving you with ZERO number crunching & one less headache!


 Not only will these spreadsheets help you stay organized with a simple and easy to use format, they will help maximize your income.

By keeping track of every penny that goes in and out of your pocket, you will be able to make accurate assessments of your business’s profit and gains – without perplexity.

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This, in turn, will help you communicate clearly with your tax professional. The sales and expense tracking tools, along with the tax estimation tools, will provide you with a simple summary of your business’s finances.

This will allow your tax adviser to focus on helping you maximize your income, and it will allow you to do less paperwork and do more of the work that you love!

Let’s just say that you might get a huge pat on the back-or more– from your tax adviser when you hand this over to their hands at the end of the year.



The amazing features of our photography spreadsheets include:

Estimated income tax and sales tax formulas – plug in your numbers and the spreadsheet will automatically calculate your percentages for you, leaving you with less work to do!

Detailed sales history spreadsheet – record all of your client jobs and sales tax from each session so you know what you are selling and how much you are making!

Monthly itemized business expense spreadsheets – record detailed information of all your business expenses in separate categories to help you keep track of exactly where your money is going.

Monthly business expense summary – all of the totals from the monthly itemized spreadsheets are automatically calculated to provide you a total of your monthly expenses of each category without having to whip out your calculator.

Photography equipment expenditures – keep track of all of your photographer gear purchases on a separate spreadsheet so you can assess what you’d like to invest in next (maybe a new lens or that camera body you’ve been drooling over!?)

Monthly totals summary – all of your recorded information, including sales and income tax estimates, will be totaled automatically for an end of the month summary – an easy, fool-proof way to hand in to your tax adviser at the end of the year.

End of the year summary – all of the previous months spreadsheets are all added together to come up with a yearly total. This includes: total yearly sales, total yearly business expenses, yearly income before taxes, estimated income after taxes, estimated total yearly sale tax, estimated total yearly income tax. Because what photographer really wants to spend the time calculating these things on their own?

End of the year expenses summary – all of the previous months totals are calculated to bring you a yearly expense summary by month, an itemized expense summary by category, and a yearly photography equipment expenditures summary – an easy and quick way to see how much money you’ve spent (and how much more you’re willing to at the end of the year, let’s be honest).

Monthly Itemized business expenses summary – All of your previous business expenses will be recorded and automatically calculated into a monthly expense chart. You will be able to quickly see how much was spent on each expense category for each month of the year.

NEW! Client information directory – Keep all of your client’s contact information in one place with this all new directory spreadsheet, including phone numbers, address, session information, email, and more!

 Included in your download, you will also be given a handy getting started guide to demonstrate the power and versatility of these spreadsheets and what they can do for you!



What else do I need to know before buying?

The cost is  only $59. Have you priced what a book keeper charges these days?

Spreadsheets can be used on both PC and Mac, but are Microsoft Excel compatible only & will not work with other programs.

Tax estimation tools are for estimation purposes ONLY and are NOT intended for tax preparation. Our advice is to consult with your tax professional for instructions on calculating sales and income tax.

These spreadsheets are for personal use only and may not be modified and re-sold.

Due to the nature of  digital products being sold, refunds are not issued under any circumstance.


Are you ready to be the champion of your business and start taking complete control? Watch our quick demo to see if these spreadsheets are right for you!

Stop shoving those receipts in a shoe box in hopes they will magically sort themselves out at the end of the year, take action now!

photography financial spreadsheets for photographers


Not only will you be on top of your organization, you can stop stressing out about your book keeping so you enjoy other matters of your business – like taking pictures.

$59 $49

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 *By purchasing this product, you understand that it is ONLY compatible with Microsoft Excel. Due to the nature of  digital products  being sold, refunds are not issued under any circumstance.




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