So, you are interested in film.

You have the skills,

the competence,

and the creative eye to create gorgeous film masterpieces.

The only thing that you might be missing in your situation is TIME. The time to learn a completely new skill.

This is why the Classic Film collection for Lightroom was created, to quench your extreme film thirst without the cost of expending extra energy and time learning a new talent we know you possess.

two blooms elegant film lightroompreset

two blooms chic film lightroom preset

These film Lightroom presets will turn your film fantasies into instant pieces of artwork in seconds, leaving you with one less step in the film photography process (no developing turnaround times to keep track of!).

“I only have to edit exposure and temperature on my part, I add timeless film over and I am done! For the black and white, Film I is FLAWLESS. They are all perfect!” -GMG Photography


two blooms elegant film lightroom preset

“Ok well I will tell you that this new set is absolutely FANTASTIC. The B&W presets are so beautifully dramatic, I can easily see those being my “go-to” presets for my conversions. With the color presets included, they definitely add to the emotion of the photo.” -Vanessa Borer Photography


two blooms chic film lightroom preset


Classic Film comes equipped with all the tools you will ever need to replicate a film-like look, from the presets themselves, to the classic film developing effects.

This set contains 4 original color film presets, 2 b&w film presets, 4 film effect presets, and 2 classic film brushes.

Film Lightroom Presets included: b&w film I, b&w film II, chic film, elegant film, timeless film, traditional film, contrast filter, darkroom vignette-dark, darkroom vignette-light, film-like grain.

Brushes included: dodge, burn.

This collection is compatible with Lightroom 4-6 & CC and will work beautifully with RAW and JPEG images.

two blooms timeless film lightroom preset

film lightroom presets timeless film

Why exert time, money, and excess energy into film when you have all the tools that you need at the tip of your fingers?

Go on, you’ve waited long enough…

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*By purchasing this collection, you understand that it will only work in Lightroom 4-6 and is NOT compatible with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Due to the nature of  digital products  being sold, refunds are not issued under any circumstance.




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