If you have visions of vibrant photos…

eye-catching imagery…

& colors that pop off the page with excitement…

then you, my friend, are in for a real treat!


color lightroom preset

Introducing Life in Color.

The one and only preset collection with a personality in and of it’s own.

cheerful lightroom preset


Life in color was designed to bring out the fullness of nature’s colorful surroundings, without over-exciting your visual perception.

And wiith an array of colorful lightroom presets along with complimentary brushes, bringing your photos from drab to fab only takes seconds!

color baby lightroom preset

“Life in Color takes a nice photo to a great photo with just a few clicks instead of reinventing the wheel every time.” – Ginger Snaps Pictures

color lightroom preset2

” 1-click edits. I’m totally in love.” – Ginger Snaps Photography

color lightroom presets


I really love the + presets, a perfect way to fine tune without searching for the exact thing you need!” – Jennifer Rose Photography


colorful lightroom preset puppy

I’m going to use Simple Touch and Center Light on every photo I take!” – Ginger Snaps Photography


colorful lightroom preset


Not only will this collection give your photos a burst of color every time, but it has been designed for ultimate consistency in your editing workflow – meaning, there is a preset for any lighting condition.

From newborns to weddings, this lively preset collection is all that you’ll need to pack a punch!


colorful newborn lightroom preset 2

colorful wedding preset


Life in color is made up of 15 dominant workflow presets, 5 adjustment presets, and 10 color-enhancing brushes to instantly transform your photos from blah to ha!

Presets included: Blam, Booya!, Bubbly, Dazzlin’, Over the top, Pizazz, Pop it, Radical, Rockin’ it, Simple touch, + center light, + define, + more color, + saturate, + vignette.

Brushes included: Burn, Dodge, Blue skies, Color pop, Deepen, Deeply saturate, Green grass, Pop it, Striking color, Tonifier (skin brush)

This collection is compatible with Lightroom 5 & up & CC and will work beautifully with RAW & JPEG photos.

colorful newborn lightroom preset


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 *By purchasing this collection, you understand that it will only work in Lightroom 5 & up & CC and is NOT compatible with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Due to the nature of  digital products  being sold, refunds are not issued under any circumstance.


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