Fantasize, if you will, about how it would feel if you could edit your photos in half the time…

with half the tools…

but with twice the power & beautification….

Not only would you be able to turn around your photos quicker to your worthy clients, but you would also liberate extra time to focus your business on other more important necessities.

  clean lightroom edit

Introducing, Purely Polished.

This Lightroom preset collection was modeled to fit your eventful business lifestyle, without losing any of the quality your work deserves.

bright lightroom presets

“Editing is a breeze with these presets! They make your photos crisp, clean, and clear with a click or two!” – Chelsea Marie Photography

This collection was designed to cut your workflow in half, or more, so that you may deliver your photos faster and gain yourself a far more reputable standing as a photographer.

Purely Bright lightroom presets

This collection has been modified to provide you with only the best and most versatile editing tools that you can count on again and again.

Purely Vibrant lightroom presets

“There are just so many options in one simple location, and I can’t imagine anyone NOT needing that” – Erica Kay Photography

Purely Vibrant lightroom presets for portraits

“Using these presets saves on my editing time, yet still make my pictures look like I spend hours!” – C. Plummer


Purely Polished is made complete with 19 Lightroom presets to instantly transform your photos into the finished product your artistic side desires.


Purely Polished Adjustments: These presets can be combined to rapidly apply quick fixes to your photos on the spot with the hope of cutting back on hand-editing time.

Presets included: Bam!, Clearly, Exposure bump, Less color, Less highlights, Less shadows, More color, Quick sharpen, Quick WB (white balance), So subtle vignette.


Purely Polished Base presets: These color presets are the meat n’ potatoes presets to create the look and vibrancy of your final imagine while creating a consistent editing style.

Presets included: Purely Bright, Purely Clean, Purely Matte, Purely Perfection, Purely Vibrant.


Purely Polished effects presets: These presets add that final touch of warmth and brightness to your photos if desired or else needed.

Presets included: Bright pop, Warm sunshine – left, Warm sunshine – right, Warm sunshine – top.


This collection is compatible with Lightroom 4-6 & CC and will work beautifully with RAW & JPEG photos.



” I am sold. I so wish I had these presets a year ago.” – DH Photography

Purely Perfection lightroom presets for portraits

 Are you ready to adapt to an editing workflow that you can bank on time and time again without fail, and restore order to your workflow?



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This preset collection cannot be complete without the Purely Polished skin brushes for Lightroom.

This portrait skin brush collection, valued at $19, will be the perfect addition to the Purely Polished preset collection & your new advanced workflow.

lightroom wedding skin brushes

Before this set, I was constantly bringing images into Photoshop to do touch-ups and final adjustments, but I’m now able to do that right in Lightroom.” – Erica Kay Photography


lightroom skin brushes

With the ease of using Lightroom, you will be able to polish your portraits to complete perfection by using these powerful & effective skin brushes.

“This collection proves that subtle edits can make a big difference!” – Chelsea Marie Photography


lightroom skin brushes for portraits

Brushes included: Blue eyes, Blush brush, Bright & toned, Brown eyes, Burn, Dodge, Green eyes, Powder brush, Red lips, Sharp eyes, Smooth skin, Tooth brush.

Purchase the preset & brush collection as a bundle and save 10% instantly.

purely polished brushes lightroom skin brushes
purely polished clean lightroom presets


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*By purchasing this collection, you understand that it will only work in Lightroom 4-6 & CC and is NOT compatible with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Due to the nature of  digital products  being sold, refunds are not issued under any circumstance.


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