4 simple ways to make your photos pop with color

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Do you love vibrant photo edits but unsure how to embrace the color? When it comes to photo editing, there’s a fine line between photos being vibrantly colorful and over-processed. Creating colorful photos can be tricky business since you can easily overstep the boundaries of what looks […]

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Using brushes to edit in Lightroom


Have you ever gone to edit a photo in Lightroom using your same ol’ routine, only to discover that it’s just not a right fit??? When your routine workflow is disrupted, it can feel a little unfamiliar, but it doesn’t have to be! It doesn’t always take […]

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5 things to consider before pricing your photography


5 things to consider before pricing your photography Let me guess…you got a fancy pants camera for Christmas or your birthday, started taking nice photos, and now people are harping on you to start charging. Maybe you’ve been a “mom with a camera”, following your kids around […]

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How do I print an 8×10 photo without it being cropped? : A lesson on crop ratios

crop ratio

A popular question I hear among photographers is “How can I print an 8×10 without it being cropped?! I am trying to order a print and it’s cutting people off my photo, help!!!” In order to answer this question, a thorough explanation must be made on crop […]

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7 ways to ensure a successful lifestyle newborn session

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You guys, I LOVE babies. Absolutely LOVE. The way they smell, arch their back when they stretch, and make the cutest little coos, it really makes my heart burst into a thousand pieces. Because I have this natural love for babies, especially newborns, I thought it would […]

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5 ways to stay busy in the off season

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It’s January, which means if you live in the regional United States, it’s in the thick of winter. Here in the midwest, it’s cold, rainy/snowy, overcast, and just downright miserable. With the fluctuation of the colder climates, it’s easily a photographers slowest season. When it’s so cold […]

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Christmas tree portraits: How to capture the essence of the season in front of the tree


Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming! And with the spirit of the season comes a new excitement for creativity if you’re a photographer. Between all the decorations, lights, and cozy atmosphere, you can most certainly find some sort of new photo venture to explore, and if you […]

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You might have heard the phrase “starving artist”  all too much in your time, but how true is it for you? In the short amount of time I have been in this industry, I have seen all ranges of income levels. From high-end travel photographers who easily […]

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Creating vibrant fall photos in Lightroom (when it doesn’t look like fall outside)


Ahh, the fall. The air is crisp, the days are getting shorter, and all the leaves are starting to turn color – or at least they should be. If you are experiencing anything like myself, autumn has yet to even make a visit thus far in mid-October. […]

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How to install Lightroom Presets


Downloading presets is one thing, but knowing how to install presets is another. One of the biggest questions I get asked about Lightroom presets is getting over the hurdle of getting them properly installed in Lightroom. Being anything but intuitive, installing presets in Lightroom can be somewhat […]

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