This is a story about a Mother.

A mother who was also a photographer.

A mother who was not only staying at home raising her little ones, but whom was also trying to run and sustain a blooming photography business.

Between the sleepless nights she endured as the mark of her motherhood, she was also feeling the burnout of her beloved passion.

With all the time she spent meticulously editing countless photos, the work never got done, and only continued to pile up.

Then one day she discovered the power of a program called Lightroom.

Upon the recommendation of other successful and profitable photographers, she decided to give it a go.

With only being knowlegable in Photoshop, she quickly became overwhelmed with the new system she knew she needed to give a chance if she wanted any hope at redemption from her tedious editing tasks.

After months and months of anguish and frustration, she began to lose hope, for this “savior” of a program was not what she had hoped for.

But then the work kept piling up while the little mouths of her growing children still needed constant attending.

She decided to give it another go.

With a little bit of determination and a lot of trials and error, she was finally convinced this was the answer to her momtographer prayers.

She has finally discovered the solution she was looking for: a quick and seamless way of editing that didn’t leave your children unattended and left for her work.


Hi, I’m Heather, and you’ve guessed it, the mother I have been referring to is me.

I created Two Blooms as a resource hub and saving-grace for photographers like me who are seeking a better way to work.

A smarter way.

A more efficient way.

Editing photos shouldn’t be an all-day job, so I’m on a mission to help you stop wasting your precious time and start developing a workflow that actually makes you profitable.

Between my Lightroom presets, editing tutorials, and photography tips, I am here to help you BLOOM into the photographer you deserve to be.

Are you ready to make the change of your photography life?

Now’s the time, so let’s get started!


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